Split stay at same resort w/o switching rooms...?

We are checking in to CBR with a room only reservation before our package begins a few days later. We decided to do this because we want to be at RD on our first package day. What’s the best way to check in with a room only reservation and not have to change rooms when our package begins? We don’t want to be changing rooms when the parks open-- we want the same room for the whole trip if possible!!

there’s no guarantee that this will happen.

however, if you call Disney and have them “link” the reservations together with a “travel with” number, it betters your chances.

Also, be sure to note it on your room request fax. Include both reservation numbers and the Travel With number. And be sure to let them know that this request is priority over all other requests.

Again, no guarantees, but it often helps.

Thanks for your help!

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