Split stay at Disney this summer... need some help please :)

Hello from Norway!
So, this summer will be our 14 trip to WDW since 2001 (YAY) and it will be DD (23) and I
We are also meeting up with my children and youth choir for 3 days, but we will stay at different resorts.

We have booked POFQ (Bounce back offer) for 14 days with the DP, but we are going to skip the DP and we are also thinking of doing a split stay to save some money.

I am overthinking what resorts to try and really need some help.
My TA suggested some nights at ALL STAR MOVIES and then some at POFQ
OR some nights at POP and then POFQ

Or… we could do most nights at VALUE resort and then splurge a coulpe of nights on a DELUXE resort?

I have stayed at both POP and POFQ and have enjoyed both, but ALL STAR MOVIES looks nice also with the renovated rooms.

What would you have done?
(We are traveling June 26 - July 10)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello Norway! Canada here.
If you can afford it, I’d book some nights at the Poly, or Wilderness Lodge along with POP. You may never want to stay anywhere else once you’ve done it. So…book the Deluxe resort for the end of your trip.
Have a great time!
I’d love to go to Norway sometime!

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I agree - for Value, I always suggest Pop over the All Star trio, and if I could save on my stay by going value in the beginning so I could go deluxe in the end, I would definitely do it.

We LOVE Animal Kingdom Lodge, and you don’t even need the Savanna view if you want to save a few bucks on that because there’s plenty of places to see the savanna anyway. We also love Poly

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