Split Stay and Rope Drop on Change Day

We have never done a split stay. We have a split stay of one night at POP followed by 9 nights at the YC. We have 3rd party 10 day hopper & water park tickets, We will use the magic bands ( tickets ) on the first night at POP at a water park or EP. We want to make rope drop at MK the next morning. We have made all the ADR already and are about 20 dahs out from 60-day FP+ day. I understand we can make all the FP+ reservation from the first POP night date. We will do online check-in at YC. Will the magic bands be active for the MK rope drop without stopping first at YC? Will we get two sets of magic bands? If so, should I just decline one of the sets of magic bands?

Yes. They should. There’s nothing actually ON the bands. It all connects to your MDE account. So long as the tickets are linked on your MDE, all is well.

Yes. Or you can decline a set. That’s entirely up to you.

personally, I like to get them so I have a back up (just in case). But primarily because then I can color coordinate some of my outfits. :laughing:

Also, I would recommend that you make time for Bell Services in the morning. Just walk everything over to the Bell Service area (right next to where the Magical Express drops off). Takes just a few minutes. You can give them ALL your luggage and bags and tell them you are moving to YC. They will do all the moving for you.

Then you can just walk over to the buses and be on your way.

Just echoing @DarthDopey

We did a split stay recently. We brought our 2nd set of magic bands with us but just used the 1st set for the duration. Didn’t require any check in at the 2nd resort for them to continue to work at the parks.

Have a great vacation!

Thanks, @DarthDopey and @disney1974. We should have smooth sailing.

I (DH) wouldn’t have thought of the fashion angle. I am sure DW and the two granddaughters will appreciate my insight when I explain they will get two magic band color selections. :laughing:


you will be able to make your FPs for your whole stay when you are 60 days out from your Pop stay.