Split stay and FP confusion

I’m trying to figure out my FP strategy & I’m confused so I figured it’s better to ask the experts.
I currently have a split stay, but at the same hotel for consecutive days (checking in 10/4, moving rooms 10/7 & leaving 10/9) We had to change rooms so it’s under 2 different reservation #'s. I also have 4 day PH tickets + a MNNSHP ticket for 10/6. (Not using a PH at all on 10/6).
According to my TP Dashboard I can make our FP on both 8/5 & 8/8. Is that correct or can I still get the 60+1 to work on 8/5? I know I can always try but this affects my strategy on what to go for first since of course like most people we want SDD & FOP.

Any guidance is much appreciated.

You can make all your FPs at once.

My only question is whether you have a package or are both reservations room-only?


No package. 2 room reservations at Coronado Springs. Both were CM discounted rooms but in order to get the discount we had to switch rooms midway through the vacation so we start off in the tower then have to move to a preferred room the last 2 nights.

Then you should have no problems at all. Good luck on Tuesday!

Thank you! Glad I double checked.