Split stay and fax room requests

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We have the same problem, but with different hotels. We are spending 3 nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and 3 nights in a villa at the Wilderness Lodge. I have a fax ready thru TP for the Animal Kingdom reservation, but am not able to set up a second for the villa as it will overwrite the first. Anyone else run into this? Any ideas on how to work around it?

You will need to set each one up as a different trip on your Dashboard. Make one for the Animal Kingdom dates, and one for the Wilderness dates. I have an upcoming split stay between the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian and I have them set up this way, and my two faxes are ready to go.

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This is what I’ve done also. The only downside is that I have to make one extra click to see the “second” trip on my dash to see any of my real plans, since the first night is AoA, no parks, and everything else starts after that. (Do I seriously “need” a fax request for a shoulder night? Not really, but I deeply love Ariel and want the coolest view.)

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Thank you for the replies! I have two trips set up and had trouble a week or so ago where one was being overwritten by the other. Maybe something didn’t get refreshed or I was doing something wrong.

Anyway, it worked now. Thanks again!!

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