Split stay and Fast pass

This is our first split stay and I called MDE and were told since they were consecutive reservations i could make all at 60 days out. I thought i had to “merge” the reservations through Disney. At first i was told no matter I could not do this and then the CM returned and said no problem you don’t need to do anything. This was not how the dining reservations were. Does anyone know if this information is accurate that I can do the entire week at once ? i searched the forum and there are conflicting answers thanks

Yes, FPP is booked for all days of your trip at 60 days even when you have a split stay. ADRs have different booking days when you do a split.

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As long as both reservations are under the same profile, consecutive days should be treated as a single block for purposes of FPP.

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Just a note here for anyone else reading.

Although the Disney Springs hotels also have the 60 day window for FP booking, they are not onsite resorts. Therefore a split stay with a DS Hotel first will not give you the one booking window.


thanks everyone!