Split stay and dining plan

With our split stay, we were informed that we would not want to check in to the second room until we have used our credits from the first “stay,” because the second reservation’s dining plan kicks in, regardless of if they were all used.

My question is: We have dinner reservations the day we switch resorts - will we have to physically leave the park to go to the new room after 3pm and check in? Or can I call that resort to activate the second reservation/dining plan? I’m worried I’ll forget and end up paying out of pocket for our most expensive meal!

Also looking for everyone’s favorite quick service suggestions at MK. Thanks!

Oh, I’m glad you asked this! I thought you had until midnight of your checkout day to use them (didn’t realize it was dependent upon check in time at the second resort).

Is your dining plan associated with the first or second part of your stay?

We had two magic bands on our stay! We had till midnight on the night we checked out to use our dining. If you have 2 bands then you should be fine and could go ahead and check in to the other hotel because that is when your bands would be activated. I believe you have to check in to use your credits. If not then they would not be on your magic band!

You should be able to check in at any time. We did. Your room may not be ready but they will be able to get you checked in and then they will send you a text when your room is ready!

My favorite MK quick service is :slight_smile: Peco Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

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Lol, I have lots and lots of bands. Your bands are all linked to your MDE account. There have been issues with dining not getting activated until you “officially” check in- but online check in should work. Also, if it is the second resort and you are worried, just check in early and go to the park.

There is a dining plan associated with both reservations. I believe the park tickets are all on one, but the dining is split between both. So confusing.

We have two sets of bands, too, but we were told we didn’t HAVE to switch the bands, since both would be linked to both reservations…? I hope that’s true, because I don’t want to have to carry the other set around. So, we are switching on a Tuesday - the first plan is valid until Tuesday at midnight, but the other one has already kicked in?

I’m not sure how that would work with using the same band. We left our second band in the room until we needed them and then switched and put our first bands in there. That way we had both bands and used them separately. You could always ask the hotel or call Disney and ask. You might look on moms panel.

You can use just one band. There is nothing on the band. It is linked to you MDE account. They do program it to open you room door as well.

Are you trying to use the the last credit with your first stay or a credit with your second stay? Either way, keep your receipts. If it gets messed up Disney will fix it for you.

The number of bands does not matter here - the dining plans, resort reservations, park tickets, etc. are all associated with your MDE account, not specific bands. Magic bands are just a method of accessing the MDE account, and any active band associated with the account can be used.

In this case, if what @tgjones was informed is correct, if they check in to the second resort before using up all of the first dining plan credits then they will start using the second dining plan from that point forward regardless of whether they are using the first or second set of bands.

At any rate, @PrincipalTinker gave some good advice - keep all receipts, and WDW should be able to fix any problems.

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Good advice. We will just have to review the receipts in the evenings.

Along the same line - is there a way to monitor your plan credits online through MDE? Or are we going to have to be on top of it ourselves?

At the bottom of your receipts it will tell you how many credits you are using for that meal and how many remain. It will be easy to track what credit (or if they just add the second amount) they use on your moving day.

So, I would just want to do the online check-in through MDE after I ensure we’ve used the credits? I think that sounds like the safest bet…but even if I space out and forget, it can get straightened out in the end.

I’m trying to get all of my thinking out of the way NOW. I want to actually relax and enjoy this experience, but I’m starting to feel I’ll need a vacation from planning the vacation. lol

Im thinking that maybe when you were informed about using all your credits, they were considering unsued snack credits opposed to meals. If on your first leg of the trip you were entitled to 6 snacks, but used only 3, you would want to scoop up some treats, before the check in at the 2nd resort.

Like it’s been stated here, you are concerned about dinner that night, i would think it would be the 1st credit from the 2nd leg of the trip, opposed to the first anyways, so you will want to check in before you go to the park in the morning. Pretend you aren’t coming from the first resort, think of it as, you are just getting off the magic express and starting a brand new vacation…

Which 2 resorts are you lucky enough to visit on your stay.? (just curious)

Ok, so I will definitely want to snag snacks before we check in. Won’t be hard, since we are planning on being at Epcot that day! We are starting at AKL and moving on to the Polynesian.

Awesome. Never stayed at either resort, but they are both gorgeous, jealous!
Have an amazing time, and yes, your right, easy to grab snacks at Epcot!!