Split Stay Advice

The bad news, flights home for our upcoming trip were pretty expensive. The good news, flights the day after we were supposed to leave were pretty cheap. This led to the solution of adding a night to our trip. The difference in price allowed a night at AS Sports and it still was cheaper than flying home on the original day.
The first 8 nights of the trip are going to be at AKL. This will be the first time we have done a split stay, so, does anyone have any advice for transferring resorts? If I understand correctly, Bell Services will take our baggage and such from one to the other.

It’s simple. Pack what you can the night before and in the morning pack the rest. Go to the desk and check out and then drop off your luggage at Bell services as you head out to the park and then when you’re done head to the new hotel. Once in your room call bell service and they’ll bring up your bags.

In theory you don’t have to check out, however, the new hotel can’t check you in until that’s done. Last time we did this they had to go through some hoops at the new hotel to get us checked out and back in.

Then try your darnedest not to keep comparing the two lol. It’s a rough transition going from deluxe down to value.

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I don’t think we are even heading into the parks that day, A breakfast ADR at 'Ohana and then just back to AKL to relax and enjoy the resort as long as possible. Switching over to Sports as late as possible. Maybe Disney Springs in the afternoon.

I know its going to be hard to go to Sports after a week at AKL, but I am trying to look at it as a “transition back to reality” type thing. It’s just a bed for one night, really.