Split Stay Advice Needed

How time consuming is it to switch hotels?
I know Disney will move our luggage, but how much time does check in/check out take? And what are the chances our luggage won’t get lost in the move?
Thinking about maximizing our experience by adding a 3rd hotel- already staying at BWI & YC, now thinking of adding WL for a night in between visits to MK so we can take the boat to and from, and also see/experience another hotel. Hotel hopping sounds kind of fun to us- we figure we can just bring our luggage to front desk in the morning before leaving for the park, check out and leave our bags. Then return to the new hotel at night (and assuming bags will be there).
I know it sounds crazy.
Looking for advice from those with experience, thanks in advance!

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You’ve already got it down. I’ve never seen a report of luggage being lost between hotels, and if you do online check-in you probably won’t even have to stop at the desk at the new hotel.


I know you said advice from those with experience but I’m going to chime in anyway! :smile: We are doing a split stay for the first time in October because, like you, it sounds fun and because I have never, in all my time here, heard a Liner say that Disney messed up the move.

I will throw one caveat out there. I was listening to a recent Be Our Guest podcast and one of the hosts said that you have to make sure that the old resort does indeed check you out because it can cause MagicBand issues if you don’t. Other than that, the procedure you describe is exactly what we are planning on doing, except our only switch comes on our break day. Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s after our WL check out. Play around WL for a while (DS is dying to try a SeaRaycer) and then over to the AKL around check-in time, freshen up and then off to Sanaa!

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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I would just add that, although we planned to have Bell Services move our luggage from WL to AKL, we ultimately decided to take a cab and bring our luggage over ourselves. This was because DH and I both had laptops and other electronics that we were just nervous about letting out of our sight. So that might be a consideration, depending on what fragile/high-dollar items you’ll have with you.

But we loved out split stay and will definitely do it again!

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Just FYI the new resort can process your check out from the old resort if they haven’t already done it. We were still checked-in to POR when we showed up at AKL but he just checked us out of there and into AKL.


Really good to know. Thanks, @Outer1!

Bit the bullet, we are officially ‘hotel hopping’- booked for 2 nights BWI, 2 nights YC, and last night WL!
Can’t wait, hope it goes smoothly and doesn’t waste too much time!
Thanks for all the help, will let you know how it goes in May!