Split-Split stay

Staying at All Star one night Jan 7, next day Jan 8 check in to Swan for 3 nights, Jan 11 check into Cabins for 3 nights. For the Cabins stay we have 3 additional people staying with us. They are on the ressie and in my MDE.
I’m so confused!! Starting on what day can I make Fastpass for the various days and group 1 and group 2 people on the various reservations? Thank you!

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60 days before January 6th, for all days for everyone. It’s called the umbrella policy. Everyone in your friends and family can book FP at the same time as you. And “split stays” are treated like one long reservation for FPs.


Except that I’m not 100% sure if the Swan / Dolphin are considered onsite resorts.

So for continuing onsite resorts you can book for your entire stay.

For DS resorts, you get the 60 day window and can book for your entire stay. However these are not considered onsite resorts, so a split stay with an onsite resort and DS resort still has two separate booking windows.

In @dtchgrl5’s case, it all hinges on the status of the Swan / Dolphin as to whether they have one window or three separate ones. I’ll see if I can confirm it for you. :slight_smile:

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Yes they are for the purposes of ADRs and FPP. We just booked FPP for a split stay including the Swan, and it all opened on the first day.



I thought they were, but I know the DS resorts aren’t so didn’t want to raise hopes for nothing.