Split room fare at Loews or Hard Rock for Express pass

Hello there,

My sister and I are going to Universal Orlando in May, and we are interested in the express pass. But for our trip’s dates, it’s more than 300$ a day for the both of us ! Needless to say that this is really too much money for us to even think about it.

I tried to look for alternatives to get it cheaper. A lot of advices I could find on the Internet was to book a room for one night in a Hard Rock hotel or Loews hotel to get a 2-days unlimited express pass for every participant in the room. Unfortunately, the overprice for one night at these hotels compared to much cheaper ones is still in the same range of money than a 2-days express pass purchase for 2.

So I’ve got an idea : do you think it would be possible to book a room for 4 people, find 2 other people interested in this arrangement, and therefore get four 2-days express passes for one room’s price ? If so, would by any means someone be intrested in that kind of agreement ?

A room is about $300-400 a night and you would get Express pass for both of you for 2 days. So it’s half the cost of buying it separately. You can have 4 people in the room, I assume that you wouldn’t actually want to stay in it with them but I think you’d all have to check in together - I may be wrong. It’s certainly doable, if you could find another couple who were planning to pay for 2 days Express pass anyway.