Split Plan

I will be traveling with a group of 7 ranging in ages from 5 to 50. Most attractions we want to visit together, but there are few times of the day we want to split so that the older kids can experience more thrilling rides. We have scheduled our FastPasses so that the more adventurous attractions are experienced by those who want to experience them at the same general time that the gentle spirits have FastPasses for lighter attractions. What is the best way to create an optimized plan that takes these split times into account?

You will have to create two plans and just
Update both. That’s what I did when we split up. I just played around with both so the Meet up times were similar.

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Would I then only click “Optimize Plan” on one of the plans and manually manage the other plan?

I don’t typically optimize only evaluate. But you could start there and then move things around as you want them.

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You could set up one plan based on one set of FP’s, and Optimize that. Tweak that plan and Evaluate as needed. Then, copy that plan for the 2nd group: subbing in their FP’s. Once you have two plans, you definitely don’t want to Optimize either of them as it will likely throw their common traits out of sync. Evaluate as needed as you reconcile the two varying FP plans.

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This is our situation as well altho it’s not been field tested yet.

I have at least four TPs for each park day as we have park hopper tickets, and usually two groups.

We would rather not backtrack, and have certain ideas regarding order of rides, so I rarely choose Optimize. It’s pretty much Evaluate, and often only after selecting Copy.

It’ll be interesting to see how it works out . . .