Split party genie+ question

Say I split my party and book some for Everest and some for Kali.
Everest return time is 1-2.
Kali return time is 2-3.

Is there any way to add the Everest people to the existing Kali LL once they’ve tapped in at Everest? They would be eligible for a new LL at that time but if I pulled a NEW Kali LL for them the time would obviously not match up.

If anyone has screenshots of editing your party AFTER booking a LL I’d love to see them as I can’t wrap my brain around that part and we are going to have quite a few split LLs between our group.

I don’t think so, but maybe there is a loophole for this that I haven’t read about. This would open the system to all sorts of manipulation.

My suggestion in the fact situation you present above would be to tap into Everest at 12:55 pm and then try to book Kali for those people at a time that overlaps with the other Kali LLs.


True if we use the 5 minutes before for Everest people and then possibly have the original Kali people use the 15 minutes after grace period, maybe then we could get them together, that’s a good idea, thank you!