Split family

We are headed down with my family(dh, dds and ds) and midway thru our week my parents, FL residents with APs will join us for two days. Anyway I can add them to our FPPs? It would stink to not be able to have them join us on the big rides.

Yes. They should fall under the umbrella rule. Link them as friends and family and select their names when you schedule your group. As long as they don’t have FPP scheduled already and are maxed out, you can make theirs with yours at the 60 plus length of onsite stay day mark!i


oh happy day! thank you AuntB!

Not to hijack the question, but can this be done if you purchase day passes for family visitors coming to the park for one day? We have two couples, one out of state and florida residents, that will be joining us during our visit next year. Thanks in advance . . .

anyone who is linked with you via MDE as friends and family who also has ticket media attached to their profile will fall under the umbrella policy when you book FPPs. You can’t pre-schedule FPP if there is no ticket media so I am thinking if you buy your single day pass ahead of time and link it up it should work too. disclaimeri have never used a single day ticket so no first hand experience

Thanks for the insight!

Bought ahead of time so you can register it, it should work. We had locals meeting us for 1 day at Epcot, but they didn’t buy until day of. I was able to link them to my account and make FP+ for all of us day of via the app by creating a profile & scanning their ticket. I think if I’d had them buy before it should have worked to FP earlier - at least the 30 day mark worst case.

That’s what I’m wondering . . . I can make fastpasses for my family 60 days out, but was hoping if I link their tickets before than that I could make their fast passes at that time as well. . . I’m afraid I won’t be able to get the same fast passes for them or that some don’t be available to them if I can’t do them all at the 60 day mark.

Yes can do them all at the same time as long as everyone is linked in MDE and everyone has ticket media.

Even if they have day passes and don’t stay on property?

Day passes are just single day tickets, FPP entitled, right? Yes the umbrella policy says everyone in the group of friends and family schedules FPP at the time of the person with the most advantageous position. Even if part of the party is off site. Only exception I have come across is a party ticket or someone whose 60 day window has not opened and their tickets are part of a package.

Yay! Thanks so much . . .what a relief!

Too late now for me, but could you do that with MVMCP and a dummy party ticket, and then afterwards change the FPP’s for your real people, leaving your Dummy people alone with FPP’s at 60 days?

Last year, yes. This year, no. The umbrella policy does not work with party tickets. That loophole was closed this year by all reports I am hearing.

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Uh oh, I think I may have goofed up. My mother-in-law set up set own MDE account and purchased two MK tickets, one for her and one for my father-in-law. She has the MDE account and my father-in-law is her family on the account. The ticket media are linked to her and father-in-law in her account.

I had her send me a request to my mde account so that I could make the fast pass reservations for the all of us at the 60 day mark, but I am not understanding how I will be able to make the reservation for both her and my father-in-law this way? they will be joining us for only one day of our 6-day trip. Help! Can anyone explain this to me?

You need to request father in law as a friend and she will need to approve. You will just select their names in addition to your own when you start making FPP

Hmmm, I just did that, and it removed him from my friend and family list. I had created him as my friend on family for dining reservation purposes, and now he was deleted as opposed to added. Was that supposed to happen?

The two profiles should combine to one once you are linked up correctly. Name are the same in your mother in law and your MDE? Has your mother approved your request for him yet? Can you see your MIL profile with her ticket media?

Ahhh, I know what happened . . . it linked me to through her to him, then messed up something else. I had already had her send me a friend request. I need to start over and try again. Thanks for your help!! Stay tuned . .

Okay, when I practice choosing who I will be choosing to get fastpasses for, it only shows for a party of 5 (should be six?). It does not show me making passes for my father-in-law, although I sent a family and friends request which was approved by my mother-in-law. Ugggh!