Split DVC stay

I’m looking to rent points privately from someone I know. Not her home resort. We’d need to do a split stay due to availability. Can someone help me with two questions?
1-Is it 7 months before the stay or 210 days?
2-For a split stay is it 7 months before Day 1 for the entire stay or does she have to make one reservation 7 months out for resort #1 and then wait until it’s actually 7 months out of the move to resort #2.

It is 7 months prior to each start date for a split stay, so if your reservation is to start on 8/1 for the first part and 8/4 for the second part, you can book the first stay 1/1 and the second 1/4.

They can always put a waitlist in for the second part of the split stay to replace the other, and if it comes through you wouldn’t have to move if you were trying to avoid a split stay.


It is 7 months before the stay. If you want to go on December 12th the 7th month would be May 12th.

The 11/7 rule is date not a certain amount of days.


Thanks! I’m more worried that the second part of the trip will be booked before I snag the room as we would move mid-week. Thinking people will book the whole week seven months out and I’ll be SOL. We do have a regular room reserved as back up so I’ll still get to see The Main Mouse. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I figured that was the case since FPP and ADRs give number of days in advance but I didn’t want to assume and miss my window.

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