Split Dining Reservation

Background - family trip of 6/7 (depending on the day) in October. 3 Generations - kids are 4 and 7 at time of trip.

I’m making the plans for everyone for the trip. No one else even knows all of what you need to do to plan a Disney trip and none of them have a MDE account. Am I able to make two overlapping reservations but not for my full party? So say 3 eating at one restaurant at 12:30 and 4 eating at another at 12:45? I believe the answer is no because any time I’ve tried to book something overlapping I get the request to drop the first reservation. But I often see people here saying they made reservations for smaller parties at the same time and will just ask to be seated together. Do those people just have two separate MDE accounts?


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You can call for the second reservation.

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I created an MDE account for my mom so I could do split reservations. I manage it completely. She has the login info, but I don’t think she’s ever accessed it.

Thanks - I’ll keep this in mind. I’m one of those people who hates the phone so I love anything I can book myself online.


Yeah, this is probably the best option. I’ll likely create it for my husband because he’s going to be doing separate touring with our son (both thrill seekers) and then I can teach him to check it to see where he needs to be for things like our reservations.

I’m the same way, so the second MDE account was easier!