Split ADR for package/non-package?

We were originally looking at ADR’s for candlelight processional but then read reviews for little kids and realized only half our party would be interested. Is there a way to make an ADR together but only have half the party get the candlelight processional package (and pay out of pocket) and have the other half get a regular meal and pay with dining plan credits? (This would probably be at restaurant Marrakesh).

Maybe, make two ADRs at nearly the same time, then when you arrive, ask to be seated together?

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I don’t know how much extra it is for the CP package. It may just be $10 more than a normal ADR, in which case it might be worth just eating that cost.

Making 2 ADRs will be difficult. Try getting someone else to book one of them perhaps if they have their own MDE account. That would probably work. If you’re managing everyone, you may have to call and ask them very nicely if you can book 2 different ADR “types”.

On the Dining Plan the CP is 2 credits instead of 1 which makes it very steep. The 2 ADR suggestion is likely the best one - depending on where you’re dining it may not be that hard, but at certain higher demand places it will be.

Which would be the higher demand places? Our first choice was going to be Marrakesh in Morocco.

At Epcot, Le Cellier, Rose & Crown or Via Napoli would all be high demand restaurants that might be tough to match up - although I don’t think Le Cellier offers CP that I recall. I wouldn’t expect problems making 2 ADRs for Marrakesh from all I’ve heard. I would book the non-CP ADR at 180 and then just pay attention to when the CP ADRs release and you should have reasonable choices to match-up your existing ADR time. Just make sure you pay enough attention to notice when the Candlelight Processional ADRs come available which is often more like August than at 180 days…