Splash Mountain refurb Jan 6th - Feb 27th

Just announced, a lengthy refurb for Splash for early 2020.

Perhaps not surprising as it always goes down at this time of year, but a heads up to anyone planning a trip.


One less water ride I’ll have to weasel out of when it’s not even that warm!


That’s too bad. I was gonna have DH try it in January. But that’s one less step in our TP!

Dang! I’ve been waiting to hear about this one. Sure enough, it’ll close right when we arrive :frowning:

This is why I never go to Disney in Jan/Feb! Like clockwork, they always refurb my favorite ride.

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Does Disney ever let people ride occasionally during refurbishments? My last two trips were in Jan/Feb. I remember Splash being closed most of the time, but then sometimes it was open. My sister enjoyed riding that one. I always just tried to look for her on the waterfall.

I suppose it depends on how extensive the refurbishment is. Last year at DLR, for example, they replaced the entire chute track. Other years its more routine, but I’d be surprised if they could just start it up and shut it down if they were doing a true refurb. Perhaps they just reduced its operating hours.

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Also, is there a list of historical ride closures anywhere? I’m finding nothing when googling. It would be nice to see if there are any patterns for other ride refurbs.

Look at this! There is one:

You could probably even find your past trips on this list and see whether it really was under refurbishment, or merely closed.

You can find a similar list for each attraction by navigating to the attraction on the TP website and clicking “Closures/Refurbishments” under the “General info” table on the right-hand side.


Looks like about every other year they take a long shutdown on Splash and a short one in alternating years. I assume the variation is due to breakdowns in between that demand more extensive work.


Looks like during our 2018 trip, SM was closed until the last 2 days of our trip. I bet my sister was able to ride it those last two days and that’s what I’m remembering.

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:sob: This and Test Track all be down during my next trip. Two of my favourites. Hope no more refurbs announced for end of Jan.


The consolation is that depending on the weather, Jan/Feb can be a really uncomfortable time to ride Splash Mountain anyway (especially at DLR but also WDW). That’s why they choose then for refurb.

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SAME. though I could care less about TT, hubby wanted to do it this round, and DD5 has never been on it. I’m a little depressed about splash mountain!!

Any chance these extend into March? Or do they usually hold to schedules pretty well?

Once they announce the actual dates, it’s usually pretty static. Things can always change, but if they were going to do a longer refurb, they would have announced an end date in March or left a more open end date.

We are also travelling end of January. I did expect Splash Mountain to close and think that Kali River may close as well. But TT was completely unexpected! I am still to deliver the sad news to DS12. He is a big fan of TT. :disappointed_relieved: