Splash Change in FP on 7/21?

So…I just got an email from DIS:

There has been an unexpected change in the operating schedule of an attraction or show during your upcoming Walt Disney World® visit. Your FastPass+ selection for Splash Mountain from 8:55 PM to 9:55 PM on 07/21/2018 is no longer available.

As a replacement, a new selection was made for Splash Mountain from 4:55 PM to 5:55 PM on 07/21/2018.

My first assumption was Splash was going into refurb - odd timing, but obviously not as it is running at 5PM that day. Is it due to Magic After Hours that night? or??? Any thoughts? Not a big deal as we’re attending MAH that night anyway so we should be able to ride it to our heart’s content that night anyway, but it just seemed very odd. I’m guessing they’re canceling FP in the last hour prior to MAH to make the switchover cleaner, but that’s me making stuff up…

Maybe so, but it’s a very logical explanation for why they would move an FPP - it would certainly be my “guess” as well…

Did they change operating hours that night?

Not that I can find - Touring Plans still says 10PM close for MK. I tried to check the DIS official site, but only found Stitch eating pages rather than anything informative. Which is rather annoying…

I just looked at MDE and it still says 10. I wonder if they are stopping FPs at 9:00 to clear out the park?

Thanks - that would be my assumption - I do find it somewhat odd that they didn’t figure out to do that prior to the 60 day FP window as the After Hours thing was scheduled prior to FP’s being available. But I guess we can’t expect DIS to plan ahead as well as we are expected to do! :sunglasses:

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