Spirit of Aloha - recent reviews?

Looking for some recent feedback on this. Is it worth it? Most of the threads I’ve found have been older. My daughter is obsessed with Moana so I think she’d love the Poly and the theme but this would prevent us from hopping to MK to see Wishes (our other MK days all have Mickey’s Christmas so no Wishes). I’m assuming though you can at least see the fireworks from SoA?

We usually do Hoop de Doo but want to try a new experience if we find the right one.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Sorry, not a recent visit but we last did SoA in 2013. We’ve been doing every year we go as a tradition since about 2008. We skipped it this past May2017 to do HDDR. We had never done HDDR so we decided to mix it up. Although we thoroughly enjoyed HDDR, we decided next year to go back to SoA and then alternate between the 2 each time we visit.
For SoA we enjoy the photo opp prior to the show, the food is delicious, the show is great, and we usually head to the poly beach to watch the electric light parade and catch the fireworks from MK. Although it’s probably a no-no, last time we even stuck around for a little while as they had movie night on the beach for poly guests.
I think it would be great if they could somehow tie Moana into the show. Although they havnt having done that “YET” the children do participate on stage so it is very family friendly.
Wish I had a more recent review for you but I can report back in 2018 :slight_smile:

I’m really wondering this too as I started researching this, hopefully reservation finder works and we get a reservation. It’s my son’s 4th bday and I thought he would totally dig the fire dancers and both kids love Moana. My daughter is also crazy about going to Hawaii for some reason which is why we’re staying at the Poly. Between the mixed reviews and the thought that my kids may not eat the food, I’m torn.