Spirit of Aloha Question

I’ve always wanted to go to Spirit of Aloha since I went to WDW for the first time when I was 6. Now at the young age of 36, I finally get to do it. Because I’m an adult with the dining plan and can do it if I want to.
My question is this: Is the order of events dinner then show or show then dinner? It’s going to be the 8:30 show on my last day in the World (Disney, not the greater world). I’ve got the aqua tour at 12:30 that afternoon (again, I’m an adult and paying for myself so I’ll do what I want to) so I want to try to figure out if I’m going to need to plan an extra mid-day treat.

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We did this last fall and I feel like the Show and dinner were simultaneous. They start serving appetizers and drinks as soon as you sit down and there is always some component of entertainment going on throughout the evening. There was definitely a good portion of the show that went on while we were done eating and then they serve dessert and coffee. Plus they practically insisted that my husband and I order extra alcoholic beverages before they stopped serving…Perhaps they thought we hadn’t gotten our money’s worth yet. Hope this helps.

Thanks! This is a great help.

The show is divided into two parts: a cheesy pre show and then the real dancing. Dinner is served during the cheesey pre show. Once the real dancing starts the wait staff is not moving around and during some of it where fire or other safety issues are involved they are not available at all. So they pre load you and then dancing :slight_smile:

Some starters, a bit of show, main dinner, main show, desserts