Spirit of Aloha or Narcoossee for 2 dining credits

For a date night which would you pick for 2 dining credits Aloha Spirit Show or Narcoossee? Going to try to get them both in but if I have to pick I would like help deciding since we have not been to either.

Narcoosee’s - SoA doesn’t get good reviews around here. When we dined at Narcoosee’s, we thought it was just OK…we prefer Jiko or Tiffins. If you go, get a reservation so you can see Wishes (even if you don’t have a table by a window, you can get up and watch it from the porch outside).

Have not done either of these, but for an excellent date night, Jiko was the best, another would be at Monsieur Paul but Jiko over Monsieur Paul for both of us.

Between your two choices I would say Narcoossee but count me as another vote for Jiko.

Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions! Looks like we will be scrapping SoA and Narcoossee for Jiko and Tiffins. We don’t have to have a firm plan in place until April but in Disney planning days that is right around the corner!

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You will love Jiko, and ou can check our our review of it in the trip report, we went there on 12/17 and also 12/26. Have done the review for the 17, and for every dining location we ate at up until 12/23. Working on the 24th. I can tell you that the experience on the 26th was even better (as far as being a date night as the first one was a proposal.