Spirit of aloha or hoop Dee do

I have been to disneyworld many times, but never been to a dinner review. I know these are both very different, and I have read the touring plans review. We were going to book spirit of aloha, but it only gets 2 stars and it put me off a bit.

There are 5 of us on the next holiday and my partner and I were going to book one or the other for a treat for the other guests.

We are staying at Caribbean beach so only have quick service food plan. If we are going to splash some cash we want it to be special, but don’t want to stretch to the likes of California grill, although we do love it. Any suggestions welcome

I’ve done both.

Save your money and/or credits on Spirit of Aloha - it’s not very good at all. On the other hand hoop dee doo is fantastic and I would do it again and again.



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I’ll agree with that. Hoop De Do every time. :yum:


I’m in the minority here, but I like them both. They hit different buttons for me. The HDDR is loud and funny. The Spirit of Aloha is ambiance and culture. Both shows engage the crowd; one with humor and one with dancing.

Another vote for HDDR. Spirit of Aloha is outdoors, and is weather dependent. The show may be cancelled/delayed/shortened if it’s too cold or raining, but you will still get the dinner.



It was a one and done for me, but overall way better than the travesty I witnessed that was Spirit of Aloha this summer. (But then again I’ve been to a real luau in Hawaii…)


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FWIW, Disney Food Blog gives high marks to entertainment at HDDR but low marks to the food; they give low marks all around to Spirit of Aloha; if you are more in the mood for low key entertainment (ie storytelling and games) they give high marks to the food and experience for dinner at Ohana, also at Polynesian.


Thank you all for your responses. It’s helped. I think I knew what the response would be, but my partner wanted to take them to the spirit of aloha and I wanted to be persuaded it was a good idea. I’m a hoop-Dee-doo type of person😁

My family is currently booked for spirit of aloha… I was deciding between the two HDDR has way better reviews but the food just isn’t our type of food. So we are booked at the aloha for our non park afternoon, but I’m also open to cancelling if the terrible reviews keep pouring in!!! I have a family member going to it in the new year, before my trip so I’ll be curious there take. It is a ton of money for something that might not be worth it.

I have been to the HDDR and we loved it. The food is buckets of Fried Chicken. Corn on the Cob. Baked Beans. Slaw. Down home country style food and plenty of it. If this sounds good to you then it is the place to go, if not go elsewhere but NOT Spirit of Aloha. Costly and the dancing sucks. Food was terrible and the way they served it was not to our liking.

I would be interested if there is anyone out there who thinks the spirit of aloha is good?

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Here’s the deal with Spirit of Aloha Dinner. You sit down to a meal spread among your family. The tray is attached to the table. They bring the food and put it on the trays which are impossible to pass around. Everyone is reaching over everyone else to get some food. It isn’t bad but nothing special. The dancing leaves much to be desired and it is loud. Your out side so if you decide to go in the summer months, go to the late showing. There is a cover over the top of the dinning area so rain is not a problem but the heat is and it is humid. The only reason we went was because we were staying at the Poly. Wasn’t impressed with either.

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Thank you all. I think you might have saved an expensive mistake by the sounds of it.

Anything better than hoop-Dee-do, an experience that can be gifted around the same price?

Party of one, here :raising_hand_woman: I have seen Spirit of Aloha three times - once as a child in the 80’s, once during my son’s first trip in 2008 and last summer in 2018 - and I enjoyed it every time. Maybe I’m easily pleased or simply smitten with Polynesian culture (I’ve never seen a real luau to compare). For what it’s worth, Spirit of Aloha is easier to get to than HDDR :slightly_smiling_face:

:raised_hands: love a positive review!

We are so on the fence on what to do!

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I wonder why that is. To be truthful HDDR is not hard to get. One must pay upfront the whole bill. Same with Sprit of Aloha. Same rules as any reservation apply when it comes to cancelation.

Sorry, I meant easier to get to - transportation-wise. HDDR is way inside Fort Wilderness so if you do buses, it’s an internal transfer and unless you are at WL or Contemporary, you have to transfer with the boat also. Poly is just a little more accessible than Fort Wilderness.

This is somewhat true. When it comes to Poly you are indeed close. On the other hand if your at or close to MK you simple take the boat across to wilderness lodge making sure to tell the boat CM’s your going to HDDR.

I don’t understand the hate that SOA gets! I’ve gone to SOA as a child, a young adult, and as a parent, and had a blast every time. My husband and I really enjoy the food- especially the delicious dessert! (Yummy!!!) The show is super fun- campy, silly, and definitely entertaining. My 3yo daughter, a huge Moana and Lilo & Stitch fan, really enjoys the hula dancing and LOVES the fire spinning. We’re going to Disney for her 4th birthday in January, and she’s already begging to go back to SOA. As far as HDDR, we have not yet gone. I just can’t see spending that much for fried chicken right now. Maybe when our daughter is older and can understand the jokes we’ll go to HDDR, but for now, it’s SOA all the way!