Spirit of Aloha gift card question

So, I have to go to SOA (I know it isn’t that great) because my sister is insisting that we go during our trip. I was going to use my dining credits for it, but I realized it is actually a pretty poor use of 2 credits. I have an e-gift card from a couple years ago that I want to use to pay for the tickets for the four people staying in our hotel room. But it does not have the pin number etc to use over the phone/online. I have to get the bar code scanned in person. Can I do that at my hotel (Pop) or do I have to go to Poly to do it ahead of time? I don’t want it to keep our dining credits during the trip when I would rather use them elsewhere. What do you think?

What do you mean by this sentence? If you book SOA, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t put a hold on your dining credits.

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You either have to pay in advance or say you are using dining credits. We planned to use dining credits. Now, I realize it is a better value to use the dining credits at two other restaurants and to use the gift card for the luau. But since I can’t pay for the luau ahead of time since the egift card needs to get scanned in person, I figured they would hold our dining credits. I am hoping I can straighten this out at Pop when I check in, but not sure if I have to go to Poly? Maybe I am misunderstanding the process?

Partially correct. If you are paying out of pocket you pay in full when making the reservation. But it doesn’t put a hold on them or attach it to your account in any way that affects your credits. You can pay at the concierge desk at Poly in advance of the show.