Spirit of Aloha ? any one?

Has anyone ever been to this? I am worried about the show being canceled do to bad weather, has this ever happened to anyone? How bad does the weather have to be for them to cancel? We are using 2 TS credits if the show is canceled how am I going to use these credits?

We were there last August for the earlier show. It was raining a little through most of it. They stopped the show before the fire dancers came out due to unsafe conditions and storms in the area. The meal at that point was pretty much done. We were welcome to stay because if weather improved they would continue the show. We waited about 20 minutes and then they called everyone back to their seats and they finished the show. Hope that helps some.:slight_smile:

Did you enjoy SoA? We’ve done HDDR and most of the different character meals and looking for something different. I have read so-so reviews and have not been convinced one way or the other. 4 kids age 8-16

Yes, I recommend to do for something different. It was my husband’s and mine 3rd time and my son’s and daughter’s (6&4) first time. We made it fun by having Hawaiian shirts and dresses, they give you a lei, we stayed at POR so took bus to Epcot then monorail, you get to check out the Poly, food is good all you care to enjoy (unlimited beer and wine), show is good, kids can get up to dance, they liked it. I’ve never been to other dinner shows, just some character meals on this same trip. Good to pay for the closer seats. You will be sitting close to other guests due to the way the seating is arranged, but I’ve always had a good experience with that.:slight_smile:

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I’ve been going to WDW since 1975, and I have never done it. I’ve also never read a really good review of it (other than the above post), so I am not likely to do it in the future. HDDR was a one and done for me, but it’s just not my style of music and comedy - but it gets almost unanimously good reviews.


Our family of 5 with little kids loved it. Great food, we were even able to order a kids pizza for one of our kids who is a picky eater. Our waitress kept the drinks flowing, sangria, beer… Kids loved the show. Parents got to unwind, have a drink and relax. We are doing it again on our next trip!

I’ve always wanted to do this and HDDR but neither of my kids will eat anything on either menu. They are both on my bucket list for our first adult trip.

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