Spice Road Table question

Has anyone ever had dinner at Spice Road Table in Morocco/Epcot and then stayed there (view of lake) for Illuminations?

We’ve eaten at Spice Road twice. We liked it very much.
Didn’t stay for Illuminations as it was probably an hour away each time. But, we did sit at a lagoon side table outside. It would have been a pretty good spot. Anything not right at the rail wouldn’t have been very good. Everyone is sitting obviously and there is a roof to the the area. So if you aren’t right up front, you won’t be able to see anything above.

Thanks for that assessment! I have reservations for there right before Illuminations. Wonder if I can call and request a railing seat? Then we can order some cocktails and just hang out there! :wink:

It’s worth a shot. I hope you enjoy it!