Spice Road Table for Illuminations

We have dining reservations for 8:15 and IllumiNations is at 9. How good is the viewing ? MDE says "prepared yourself for the perfect vantage point to enjoy IlluminiNations. MDE makes it sound like you can see IllumiNations from anywhere in the restaurant. Is this true or should we request a specific area? Is the timing of our reservation OK or should we move it a little earlier? Last time at WS a major storm prevented us from seeing IllumiNations so hoping not to be disappointed this year. Thanks for the help.

We have not eaten at Spice Road during Illuminations. That being said, our observation was that you could see the center of the lagoon from the tables, especially the ones nearest the water. There might be some trees in the way for some tables. Some tables seemed to have a little better view than others. Maybe someone else has personal experience?

Thanks for the information.

Ate there in Merch. Asked to sit by the water but all seats taken (8 pm res). So cold despite heaters most vacated seats. We ere about 3 tables from water, view was ok. FYI food was good

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When are you doing this? We are going just before Christmas and wonder if this is a good idea. We have twice eaten at the French place during fireworks. You can’t see ALL of the Illuminations from in the restaurant, but you can see the fireworks and it was very nice. I’m curious about doing something different.

Most tables are fine but some have partially obstructed views. If you want to eat with Illuminations and have a great view, maybe consider having someone from your group hold a spot while someone else gets counter service somewhere? I like to do a version of this w/ eating nachos while watching Mariache Cobre.

Did you end up keeping your reservations and watching illuminations? We are going in January with 8:20 reservations and I’m wondering if it will be worth it, or if we should just find a spot and do counter service! :slight_smile: