Spice Road Table and Illuminations timing

I currently have a 7:05 ADR for Spice Road Table on a night where Illuminations is at 9. Is that timing good to request (I know not guaranteed) a waterside table or should I change to an available 7:40? I was thinking the 7:05 would give me more waiting time if they said I could wait, but is it TOO early?

Following. I have a 7:40 ADR for Spice Road Table (in June though) and thought I would just show up about 10 minutes early.

I have a 7:30 on my night and have been told that the timing is perfect.

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So would you move the 7:05 to 7:40?

We ate there in April and our reservation was at 7:40. It worked perfectly for watching Illuminations, we sat inside by one of the big windows.

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Thanks! I will change mine.


Probably, if I was able.

Thanks! Done. :slight_smile:

Glad you changed it, food comes out very fast there.

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