Speedway drop off for HS with stroller?

Has anyone been dropped off at the speedway to walk to Hollywood studios and used a stroller? Did you feel safe doing so? I can see that there is a crosswalk, but can’t tell if there is a pedestrian light as well. Makes me a bit nervous to try and get across 4 lanes of traffic early in the morning.

Why would you not get dropped off at the Swan?

Looks to be a shorter walk, but if it’s more of a hassle or sketchy with a stroller than we’ll just do Swan. Wanted to see if anyone has done it before :slight_smile:

It was me that suggested to do this on chat but I just did look at the Google streetview and see the cross walk. I am not sure it is still there! Just for fair warning. There’s definitely not a pedestrian signal. Maybe someone can chime in. I would probably do it with my DS4 in the stroller but it’s definitely not for everyone. But if you are taking an uber I would guess your kids are older anyway?

My daughter just turned 5. If there’s a crossing signal then I would definitely do it, but without it it kind of stresses me out lol. It might be a few minutes longer to go to swan, but at least it’s just a straight path. hmm :thinking:

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I believe @disneygirlmama recently posted on chat about this?

My family got dropped off at the Speedway a couple of weeks ago and walked to HS. We didn’t have a stroller. But…there is no crosswalk, nor pedestrian light. We did run across those 4 lanes of traffic, and while it didn’t feel dangerous, I also had thought that there was a crosswalk there. There’s not. I’d get dropped off at the Swan. We did the Speedway instead since we had little legs (6, 8, and 10) and were trying to save steps, but I’d get dropped a the Swan with a stroller for sure.

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Thank you so much for the info! We’ll stick with Swan :slight_smile: