Specific Skipper Canteen Question

The Croc of chicken soup on the kid’s menu? Is it chicken noodle soup? or like cream of chicken soup? anyone had it? My daughter loves chicken noodle soup but won’t touch anything else. And will we have any problems with her ordering the kids menu items? She is 10 and we are not on the DDP.

Thanks everyone…we are getting our orders/mobile orders together for next week.

When my DD had it, it was a broth chicken noodle. I would ask the server when ordering to verify it hasn’t been changed. Is that the only potential thing she’ll eat? If you’re not on the dining plan she can order off the adult menu if she wants. Or ask for plain grilled chicken. They’ll make anything for you that they have ingredients for in the kitchen.

Also the food (other than the whole fried fish which should be relegated to its own section) sounds much more exotic on the menus than it is in reality.

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We fell in love with the appetizers there especially falafel and the dumplings. Especially falafel. I think my DD7 got that soup. I just looked back at photos and unfortunately that was the one dish I didn’t photo…but I think it was a basic chicken soup with a clear broth. The winner of the day was the “lava cake” she got which was very cute.

It is a “traditional” broth soup - not creamy. If you are not on the DDP anyone can order of the kids menu. Sometimes those adult portions can be too big even for me after multiple days of eat treats & such…

The whole fish looks like Avatar and Jaws had an ugly child.


Or Alien and Jaws!!


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