Specific questions re late 2022 trip!

Hi all,
Canadians here! We are planning on a trip mid November - staying at Pop. Myself and my twin sister, taking my 9yo (will be 10yo in Nov) son.

  1. I have 3 magic bands from a previous trip (2018) - can we use them on this trip? One was mine, one was my son’s, and the other my husband’s. Since my sister is coming instead of my hubby, can she use his MB? I see there is a deactivate option on our account. Can we reactivate it for her?
  2. We have the option to buy discounted tickets through a Work program - is this a pain to 1) add to account, once Pop is booked and 2) use while we are there? Is there an extra step to using these tickets?
  3. We plan on buying Disney gift cards here in Canada and using them there. We are aware of the conversion to USD when used, avoiding the extra charge credit cards charge for the conversion. However, we were wondering if we can add them to our account at Pop to use our magic bands/mobile ordering at the QS locations/shopping in parks? Rather than using the actual gc all the time?
    Lastly: We are at Disney 7 days (9 days in total, but day 1 and day 9 are travel). Should we do 5 park days with one day hopper? (can you even do that?) Or 6 days one park only? We definitely are planning a pool/Disney Springs day, and may want another day or half day at least for non park stuff.


  1. You and your son can reuse your bands, but your sister will need to buy a new one if she wants. The bands are linked to the person so she can’t use hubby’s.
  2. Make sure you check the discount vs other authorized sellers using the calculator on TP. I find the work tickets I can get always have ridiculous fees added which even up not being a discount at all. Once you buy tickets you will need to link them to your MDE account and then should be good to go.
  3. Park hopper is an add on per ticket, not per day. I don’t think it’s worth it if you’re only going to use it one day.

THANK YOU, I appreciate your reply. quick follow up:

  • do we need magic bands? More complicated without?
  • if we buy discounted tickets and link them to MDE, is there an extra step to get into the parks? Just use our phones/app?

I like magicbands personally, but they are not required. You can get a plastic credit card sized card to use for entry or set up MagicMobile on your phone through DME. I personally haven’t used it so I don’t have much to add there unfortunately.

Once your tickets are linked to your account and assigned to each individual you’re good to go as long as you have 1 of those 3 options discussed above.

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We like the ease of MagicBands or Apple Watch for MagicMobile instead of fumbling around with the phone or ticket card for park entry/PhotoPass.

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