Specific Mask Recommendations for 3.5 Year Old

Hey y’all. We are planning a trip to Disney in a few months. My son will be a little over 3.5 years old. Do you have a specific mask your little one around that age has loved? I would love to get him some Disney ones so he will be excited to wear a mask. I would prefer adjustable ear loops and the more breathable the better. The ones on the Disney site do not look adjustable. The wording says they are adjustable but the photos show otherwise.


Thanks :slight_smile:

These are my favorite for my kids. I JUST bought some more Bluey ones for my 3 year old. Comes in tons of fabrics and has the adjustable loops. We really don’t like the Disney ones.

They are not adjustable. However, they are, hands down my son’s favorite masks. My son has been wearing them and as long as you get the size right, they are comfortable. Definitely measure and look at their size guide.

I will also say that a lot of it is going to be trial and error. The ones linked above work great for their kids, but would not work for mine. The ones with the peak in the nose area don’t work with the shape of my son’s face. It pokes up into his eyes.

The Disney ones (and the official Disney licensed ones from Gap) actually have by far the best fit on my almost-2-year-old. Just get a measuring tape and pay very close attention to the sizing guide. Don’t assume it’s the same as other brands, because I was very surprised when I sized for my 4yo. For adjustable masks, we really like the cotton ones from Old Navy.

My DD4 has been wearing these to daycare, school and Disney for the past 16 months:

She will not wear any other masks. And, they are really cheap right now. I just bought 3 more sets in case they are discontinuing them.

Thanks! These look super cool.

Great advice…something I would have never thought of. Thanks!