Specific hotels?

Question re: MVT. Do you email and ask for specific hotels or any hotel during the dates you are considering? We are thinking about making a trip 10/31-11/5, but there would be 3 families (2 adults, 2 adults and 2 adults and 3 kids). Not sure where we would want to stay, I think my mom is interested in Contemporary (hasn’t been to DW in 17 years) and my brother wants to stay Riverside (went last year) I have never used travel agent before. Thanks

I asked for specific hotels, but I’m sure you could probably ask for quotes for any of the resorts that are part of their deals.

At first I requested quotes for specific resorts but then had better luck just asking for list of resorts that were eligible for deal during our dates (found dates that offered discount rates on MVT website). We ended up picking POR which wasn’t initially even on my radar.

I always ask what resorts are available for the agency exclusives. I usually will then tell them what I am looking for (how many people, with or without tickets/dining). I will ask for specifics quotes for the resorts I am interested in. For example I may say: all deluxe, POR and Pop.

When I emailed I requested agency exclusives, date ranges (I wanted to travel during the best rates) and the hotels I was interested in. I think she replied with all the hotels during those date ranges. FYI the Contemporary wasn’t offered during my dates.

Thanks for your help.