Specialty waffle fries?

Perusing menus…on a Friday evening…:sunglasses:…and seeing that Golden Oak Outpost has “specialty waffle fries.” BLT? Tex-Mex? Brown gravy and cheese? These have to be good, right?!


Sounds like a normal Friday night to me :wink: Hahha! I think I read on easywdw josh said the fries were all soggy and you don’t get that many… ? I could prob drink the stuff though :slight_smile:

Ooooo, good info @rachaelmac22! Normally, I feel like there’s so many yummy things to try in the World, that I avoid things that get poor reviews. But, in this case… I may need to decide for myself! :yum:


It’s the American version of poutine. :slight_smile:


Let us know if they are yummy!!! :slight_smile:

We need a self sacrificing guinea pig to try all of them and give us a review! Any volunteers?


As long as Golden Oak Outpost is open when we visit, I will happily fall on that sword in January! :grinning:


Could you throw down for one of those specialty mac and cheeses too!?! I’m dying to know if they are any good!!! Mac/cheese/pulled pork… Are you kidding me? :wink:

Has it even been open at all since that one week where they debuted the fries?? Was closed our week in Sept.

According to the latest times guide from the park, they are open on Saturdays and Mondays only. But that can change any time.

Ouch. Didn’t realize that. Thanks for the heads-up. Not seeing times on the mobile app or mobile Safari. Maybe I have to be on a desktop?

I had the gravy and cheese and the pork back in August. They were AMAZING!!


That’s the poutine and exactly what I want to try. Bummed they seem to be open only Sat and Mond

I was there last week and had a hard copy of the times from the parks.

Oh. Got it! Guess we have to roll the dice then.