Specialty Magic Bands Question

Hi there! I was just picking out our magic bands thru MDE and there were only 15 available magic bands—both the freebies and a few specialty ones–but on the Shop Parks Gear shopping pages (Disney Parks Accessories on Shop Disney dot com), there are dozens and dozens and dozens of great specialty Magic Bands available… first, why can’t i order one of those through MDE and second, if I decide I want to buy one of the specialty character ones that aren’t offered thru MDE, how does it get activated? Thanks for all your help!

For the preorder for 10.00, the stock changes randomly. There are about 50 styles… some appear more frequently then others… but it’s an utter mess.

You can always purchase them for full price though… I don’t know if it’s automatic when buying from the Disney online store, but when you have the magic band in hand, it will have a 12 digit number in the band. You enter that in MDE and it’s linked.

If your trip is far out, you can try the lottery of checking premium bands like a few of us are frequently and hoping a style we want appears.

…and sometimes, like when I went to secure my Magic Bands…all of the premium options disappear and you’re left with the basics. :crazy_face::roll_eyes:

Has anyone had any luck finding the solid colors (black and turquoise) in MDE?

No, they haven’t been selling the colours.

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I don’t care for too many of the designs. I like the black and turquoise. So I’m ordering through disney shop. Any idea how long it takes to get the bands, if they are in stock? My trips at the end of January. I’m not 100 % ready to order now, in case I change my mind. LOL

No idea, sorry!

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