Specialty Drinks, Shakes, Beer, Etc

We have purchased the DDP for our upcoming trip. Without looking at each individual menu, is there a quick reference list somewhere of all the QS and TS restaurants that serve something other than the typical soda, water, etc. so that we can maximize our DDP?

Also, if we’d prefer to pay for the kids’ soda OOP, are we adults able to use their alcohol credit for QS and TS meals if we are dining at a restaurant that doesn’t offer shakes for the kiddos?

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Adults can’t use a child’s TS credit to get an alcoholic drink, but QS credits aren’t split into adult and child so you could use any credit to buy an adult meal and get an alcoholic drink. I don’t think you could do it if you bought a kids meal even if you said it was for an adult, but I could be wrong.

My kids are kids but not by Disney standards. We have purchased the adult Dining Plan for all four of us. Does that change how the alcohol credits can be used?

Oooooh good questions … I’m in the world in 18 days with 2 kids and never even thought of this …

Won’t they ask for ID for each person asking for an alcoholic drink? You could be buying a drink for a child.

When at QS this should not be a problem as long as who ever is paying is 21 or older. I did this at our resort and brought the extra beer back to the room for later.


No you wouldn’t in my case myself, DW, DD 14 and DS 5 … order alcoholic beverage on adult dining plan x 3 then a couple of shakes for DS and DD … probably only saving a few dollars anyway as my DD would want the dearest bestest non alcoholic drink available … probably dearer than a beer anyways

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No not at TS, possibly at QS. You are supposed to show IDs for every alcoholic drink.

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The dining plan states Kids meals get a drink & entree; & dessert if it’s table service. My understanding is you can get a milk shake or slushy for your drink if it’s on the menu. The kids meals come with a milk, etc and the options for sides sometimes include dessert options. Can my son order a kids meal & choose a milk shake for his drink & a dessert off the dessert menu? Or does he get whatever comes with the kids meal choices?

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