Special Trip for Child with Cancer

Hey everyone,

As some of you know my kiddo is a childhood cancer survivor and has been cancer free for 2 years. The same week Eli was diagnosed a good friends 1 year old was also diagnosed with AML. Unfortunately this little one has not been cancer free. He has relapsed for a second time, and the family has made the decision to not continue to fight the cancer, but will give medicine to hopefully keep the cancer at bay and let them make memories.

This kiddo relapsed a week ago, so things are moving very fast. The drugs they are going to be using are all trial and they have no idea how long he will be able to be a normal 3 year old. With that, we are working to schedule a trip to DW the first week of May. The short timeline makes Make a Wish off the table.

Does anyone have any contacts at Disney or the DVC rental stores to help get lodging planned? We have a travel agent, but the lodging is quite expensive. They are currently at the cabins at Fort Wilderness but we would like something else if possible. We are working to get Dvc points loaded to our account to potentially book, but on this short of notice rooms are hard to find.


I’m so sorry to hear that. I think your TA is the best bet. This late in the game DVC is pretty much off the table. I hope you get something worked out and can make some good memories.

Ironically my family is going that same week… we have a 2 bedroom and will give it to them… we just need to find a place for us to stay lol. There are some rooms just need the points.

What do you need?

Oh wow. That fortunate for them. Hopefully you’ll find something too.

Looking for a way to purchase points and have them loaded into my account…not sure the best route to go as I’ve never done it.

No I mean how many points do you need still?

Ahh…one second and let me go look at the availability. It changes every minute.

Right now we would need about 150-200 points. I have 140 points i can borrow from 2023 that I can borrow. I would like to book them the grand villa and Saratoga has one available for 2 of the nights so far. Would try and work the system for the other 2 nights.

Ahh crap…stupid borrow rule. I can only borrow 61 points. Already borrowed 19 of a 160 point contract.

:rage: :broken_heart:

I hate that it’s still around. So you’d need… roughly 100 points yet? EDIT: Er wait, no, you’d need 100 + another 148 for the other 2 nights, right?

If you do a One-Time Buy from Disney, you can snag 24 points (i think that’s the number) for $19 a point. It’s pricey, but it is an option.

Im in a bunch of fb groups for dvc rentals and there are a lot of owners w last minute confirmed reservations, maybe you could string a couple together?

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I don’t know if they can help or not but maybe contact Give Kids the World.

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