Special Ticket Event: Disney After Hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios

We purchased special event tickets for the Hollywood Studios after hours in May. Do you have touring plans for these kind of events or suggestions on how to tackle the parks? What are wait times like for these evenings? If arriving at 7:00, can you go to the first showing of Fantasmic? We would like to see the show even though it is not part of the event ticket. Any suggestions would be awesome!


I’ll be there for that!

I ended up using Mousewatchers for a Fantasmic dining package at Brown Derby.

I end up with a great lunch and tickets for the first Fantasmic showing with center stadium seats.

I just fully read the question. I’m pretty sure you can, but I’m not completely positive.

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I just got back from HWS Afterhours last week and it was amazing. You have full access to the park as of 7 so you can got o Fantasmic for sure. Wait times are still pretty long until about 930 when all the daytime guests leave. from 930-1230 we walked on pretty much every ride , slinky dog was maybe a 10 min wait. We did everything multiple times except for ROTR since the pre show and queue is so long. It was a great experience. Also, just a note, the lines for drinks and snacks in Toy Story section were incredibly long but there was no wait near TOT.


Awesome! I’m so happy to hear you had a great time. I’m so looking forward to it.

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for this information! Appreciate the share! This makes me super excited for our upcoming trip!

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