Special occassion (birthday) buttons - where to pick up other than in the park

I am wondering where we can pick up a special occasion button for our sons’ birthdays prior to our park day? We would rather get them ahead of time than spend time getting them when we first arrive at the park. We are not staying onsite but are planning to eat at Contemporary Resort the first day we arrive. Can we get these buttons at Contemporary Resort? If so, can we get them even if we are not staying at the hotel?


guest services at hotels. can’t imagine they’d refuse you a button. But sometimes desk can be busy.

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I would try the concierge desk. Not only should they be able to get you a button, but they have more “power” than the regular front desk folks. There are stories where a concierge has sprinkled some pixie dust on a celebration in the form of an extra FP or some other small gesture. Obviously, nothing to be counted on, but a chance anyway…

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