Special occasions in MDE with DVC

When I had a room booked direct from Disney, I could put into the reservation details that we were celebrating a special occasion. But I realized that with all three segments of our stay now booked as DVC rentals, there is no place to put this information.

Is this even possible with DVC rental?

While I am not expecting pixie dust, I figured putting in that we are celebrating 25 years of marriage might help influence room requests or something in the very least!

Yes that kind of thing can be noted on a DVC reservation, along with a room request. It just needs to be the owner who requests it.

Ah. Okay. Makes sense.

I do room requests through TP. That’ll have to be good enough I guess! :slight_smile:

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I would just ask the owner(s) to add the special occasion. They can call it in or use chat. Email too although the email response time right now is, ummmm, shall we say “unreliable”? :grin: