Special Occasion Buttons

You pick up the special occasion buttons at any resort right?

My fam is arriving early afternoon and though we are staying off site, they are going to visit the Grand Floridian for a late lunch and to watch the Princess Promenade.

I’m hoping they will also be able to pick up special occasion buttons as well so that we can avoid having to stop at Guest Relations the following morning on the first park day.

Yes we got birthday buttons at the front desk of our resort (Pop Century) when we were there. And also, if you end up needing one in a park, most stores/souvenir shops should have them as well. We got our kids their first visit buttons at a gift shop in Hollywood Studios. You don’t need to just go to Guest services.

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This isn’t a button idea, but similar.
My youngest turned four at Disney. I had the back of his Mickey shirt printed with his name & that it was his birthday. So many people wished him happy birthday by name, and he of course had no clue what was on the back of his shirt.
It was just Disney magic!!!


I freaking love that.

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For reasons of security I don’t like kids names printed on shirts, buttons or hats. People call them by name and the kids think that they are not strangers. It is your kid do what you think is best.

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In general I’d agree but It was just one day at Disney, and not only did he have two parents there, he had a nanny, too. I don’t think I’d do it elsewhere, though.

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He’s 21 and I still have the shirt. I kind of hope he never finds it!

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Times were different 17 years ago; I feel like the world was more of a safer place for kids. Even more so when I was growing up. We could walk around or ride our bikes anywhere and be safe. Today, I cringe everytime see a front yard with signs “advertising” what organizations their kids are in or the extra-curricular decals on back windshields that actually have kids name on them!