Special Needs Character Dining Recommendation

It’s been almost 10 years since my last trip to WDW, but one of my family’s most fond memories was a last-minute lunch at CRT.

My DW and I are taking our youngest two children (DS9 and DD11) this time, but now there is a new wrinkle thrown in - my wife has a degenerative disease that has left her permanently wheelchair bound, and eating only very small amounts on a strict schedule. Also, my DD11 eats like a bird and very picky, making an adult portion a waste at best.

Is there a character meal at Disney that isn’t prix-fixe dining? I’ve looked at previous threads, but all the character meals I’m finding tend to be a buffet or prix-fixe menu that would be utterly wasted on our family. Trip dates are Feb 5-11.

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If you look at a character breakfast they are much more economical than lunches or dinners. My family’s favorite is pre-park open at Garden Grill at Epcot.

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I think all of the character meals are either buffets or price fixe, unfortunately. Could you maybe set aside a day or 1/2 day during your trip to try to get in as many non-character meal meets as you can?

Or maybe try the Chip ‘n Dale Campfire at Fort Wilderness? It’s not a character “meal,” but you could get s’mores and share them while enjoying the time with Chip ‘n Dale?

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If ALL the character meals are Buffet or prix-fixe, then a breakfast would certainly be the most economical, although I doubt I could talk DW into attending. I am very interested in the Campfire - that sounds like a blast! Is it off-road (figuring out Wheelchair or ECV), and does it require a reservation?

Another option is to do the last breakfast seating of the day to make it more of a brunch or a brunch/lunch. The places that don’t serve lunch such as 'Ohana (which is also great) and Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Forna (trying next trip) have late morning seats. Or many people will get a last breakfast seating at a place that serves breakfast and lunch with a short switchover so you can choose from breakfast or lunch food but pay breakfast prices (I haven’t done this but maybe someone who does can chime in with what places are good for this - I think I’ve heard Tusker House and Crystal Palace?)

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Garden Grove at the Swan has a character breakfast on the weekends where you used to be able to get the buffet or order à la carte, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case.


The campfire doesn’t require or take reservations (and it’s free, in fact). I don’t know about accessibility, however—I’ve never personally been so I’m not sure how “woodsy” it actually is. Here’s the link for some more info:

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