Special experiences for 10year olds?

We are going to WDW next year, and my younger daughter will be over the moon to do something like Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, but my older daughter, who will be almost 10, isn’t into princesses. (Although, she does like the idea of the pixie dust at the barber shop.) Is there any special/extra experience for tweens that would be comparable (in price) to the BBB one? <$75?

Umm, just going to WDW in the first place? :wink:

How about her own Disney GC that she can use as she sees fit? Maybe you could turn it into her own “shopping trip” with you at an area the would appeal to her - DD would have loved to have her own $75 to spend in the Japan pavilion when she was 10.

Not as expensive as BBB but the pick a pearl in Japan at Epcot might be enjoyable for her. I think it is around $20 but people sometimes pre-purchase a Cinderella coach or some similar pendant and chain to go with it, or buy one there when they know the size of the pearl for the setting. It looks like a really fun ceremony and would be a lovely keepsake. :smile:

Yes, that’s the biggest part! We are going right between their birthdays, just weeks before she becomes a Disney adult!- so they already know that this is their birthday present. The Pick a Pearl might be great - she loves science-y stuff, so the picking would be more exciting than the pearl, probably!


If she likes her science, then a behind the seeds tour at Epcot might be interesting to her.


My DD9 did one of the pirate cruises from the Grand Floridian. I think it was around $35, and she had a ball! It’s for kids age 4-12 only, no parents allowed. They get on a boat and cruise around, hunt for treasure, and explore. Snacks were included. It was around 2 hours, and the highlight of her trip. They have it available at several hotels.

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Would she be interested in pirates league? My 7 year old loved it last time and now at 9 she would rather do that again instead of BBB. She chose the mermaid look and got very grown up makep, glitter, nail polish, pretty rolled hair style and a necklace. Very grown up but still girly look and not at all like a pirate! Of course there is always the empress pirate if that is more her style.