Special Events in November at WDW

Thinking about going to WDW somewhere btw the first and second week of Nov. Seems Food and Wine goes until 11/10, MVMCP starts 11/7 and- unofficially- the Osborn lights start 11/7 too. Any other special events I'm missing in that time frame? Guessing Holiday decorations (besides Osborn) won't get going until the end of the month.

All of the MK decorations should be up by the first party on 11/7. Usually only the resorts are still working on them leading up til Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah. Thanks. Makes sense since the party starts that day. Does this mean the other parks may have their decorations up? Thinking about all those beautiful Christmas trees especially.

I'm not sure about tree's in other locations but the giant tree in MK is the last thing to go up and that won't be until the Christmas parade taping. That's usually the first Saturday in December.

Watch out for the Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon. It's on Saturday Nov 8. I don't think it will have a huge impact, but you might not want to go to Epcot on that particular day.

Thank you! Great tip!

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Wine & Dine is a night race. 10 PM start at the WWOS complex. Shouldn't affect Epcot. Roads on property will be restricted or shut down that evening in preparation for the race. I would use Disney transport the evening of the 7th and plan extra travel time (at least 30 min) as a buffer.