Special event hours at HS 3rd Aug

Special event hours

Please can anyone tell me what the special event hours are. Are these different to early starts when guests on Disney property can enter the park early. Am having to redo my plans and thinking of going to HS on 3 August but MDE shows a 7.45 - 9 special event hours. We are staying on property but thinking best to avoid that date if others will have already been in park for an hour. Thank you

This is a good blog post from TP about it.

Thank you - that’s really helpful. We will steer cleared HS that day then and head to a park with regular opening hours. It’s disappointing that there seem to only a very small number of days that we will be able to access the parks early -the new breakfast event seems a very expensive way to get what was essentially a perk of staying on property previously with brekkie thrown in. Can carry on with planning now - thank you