Speaking of DME resort stops

Don’t Pop and AKL usually use same bus???

We have a few arrival night plans BUT one of them involves dinner/drinks at Sanaa and visiting our favorite resort for a while. I’m wondering about disembarking from bus at AKL vs Pop assuming we have done online check-in? We won’t need meal plan as that would be an OOP meal anyway…

I would have told you that AKL was alone for the DME. That’s my memory of when we stayed there, although I’m sure they might change the schedule over the years as well.

If it’s not the same bus, you’ll be out of luck though as they won’t let you bus hop for DME.

Right, this is why I was hoping same bus. I have heard over on chat that it varies, which would be in keeping with your recollection. I think we just got “lucky” and had same route both times we stayed AKL. This time we are Pop. Our reservation is plenty late to allow us to get there, it just would be nice to bypass the middle man.

Then again, we’ll still have carry-ons that we’ll want to have bell services hold.

It’s possible it varies by time of day as well. Logistically it would make sense that during high arrival times, they’d run separate buses and then ride share during lower arrival times. You might be able to figure out a pattern potentially.

Or just cross your fingers when you get there & see if you get lucky? Good luck…

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