Speaking of Christmas...tour of resorts

The thread about the Christmas tree at MK has me also curious. I’ve seen numerous people talking about seeing the decorations at the various resorts. I’m curious as to which resorts are MOST worth touring to see for the Christmas decorations?

Although we are are still 935 days out ( :frowning: ), pretend we were going THIS year. Which are the resorts you’d most highly recommend to hop on some Disney Transportion (or even drive around) to see?

I would highly recommend the Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge for sure. Also, take some time to go to Fort Wilderness and see all the decorations that guests bring there. It is so neat! When I was at Hoop, we would walk in between shows and look at guests decorations. They were intense and fabulous - some are even set to music! I went and saw the gingerbread display at the Contemporary last year and I wasn’t really impressed. Animal Kingdom Lodge has a pretty neat tree, but I don’t know I would make a special trip there to see it. There is also some gingerbread displays at Beach/Yacht Club that I thought were pretty.

I’m adding this here for my own future reference, since it is related, though not exactly the same question: Holiday Must See

I know everyone says the monorail resorts, buy I think GF is the highlight there. For overall wonder, I love YC/BC/BW. I will admit I think the train set at YC is magical so it influences my choice.

I only say the GF, WL, AKL and Poly. Of those GF and WL were the best.

I would say do not miss the GF.