Spacing at Indoor Dining

We had been seriously considering eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table in December, but then we watched 2 YouTube videos where the spacing of the tables looked much too close.
For those of you who have been there recently, which restaurants are doing a better job of spacing tables to maintain social distancing. We will be looking at restaurants that have an option for outside seating, but that isn’t possible in every restaurant.
Can you tell me about restaurants that did a better job of social distancing tables as well as those where the tables were too close together?

We just got back and found that the restaurants we ate at all had good table spacing.
The Wave
Sci Fi Dine In

Rainforest Cafe at AK - I probably wouldn’t go again, it felt less socially distanced than I was comfortable with but all of the others were great.


I recently snuck out to Florida and ate at the following indoor places for the purpose of this post:

Yak & Yeti (twice!)
Il Mulino
Skipper’s Canteen
California Grill

I felt both Shula’s and Il Mulino might have been searing people a little close. California Grill & Skipper’s Canteen did the best IMO. Yak & Yeti was decent with the distancing, it was more the influx of guests in the waiting area who wouldn’t follow directions. (Big surprise there!!)

But overall the precautions taken are really great. Did a bunch of QS food as well along with festival food. And a lot of chicken nuggets :joy:

I had two negative Covid tests upon return. So no issues with dining. That said, I had Covid earlier this year and we are about 99% positive we got it from a chef at a Disney restaurant who got in our face (me especially!) and was exhibiting what we now know are symptoms. I think all the precautions are working.


Anyone who has eaten recently at Hollywood Brown Derby? The Plaza?

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Yes, good distancing of tables in use, and it is a very open space with high ceilings to start.

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