Spaceship Earth Closure

Today is a big news day?


Oh, good! It will still be running for our Spring Break trip :slight_smile:


Thankful it will be open for my visit! :blush:

Concept art for Egypt looks amazing. I doubt it will be open for our next trip, but I hope so!!

“ expect the closure to last about two and a half years”

Goodness. I can’t imagine what they’re doing that takes that long???


I’m so glad I will be able to ride it this March trip!

So glad it’s open for our May trip, but may have to bump up the FP priority on this. We planned on riding it on 5/18.

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Phew. We were worried it was going to be closed for our May trip along with BTMRR. Glad to know we’ll make it on before the revamp starts.


I’m so glad I will get to ride it during my May trip just before the refurb.

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So sad it will be closed in July. Even though it was not perfect, it is always how I have started my Epcot day. :frowning:

Now my trip is looking more and more like a 2-park trip (MK and AK) with maybe the smallest sprinkling of Epcot.

I must really love my friends I have made a few meal plans with to not look at other options for my birthday.

oh man - sad for those who will miss it, but so thankful I’ll get to see it one more time. phew!

Spaceship Earth is quintessential EPCOT. My whole family loves it. I am eager to see the update but wish it didn’t have to close for so long to get it.

I’m sure the update will be great
I guess it’ll be re-opened just in time for the park’s 40th Anniversary in October.

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From what I can gather, the original plan was threefold:
Upgrade the scenes and hopefully add (back) scenes on the way down.
Remove all the vehicles, full maintenance / upgrade of track, load area and vehicles.
Demolish or completely re-do the exit building, for which the plans are said to be a really good addition.

The first is obviously happening. It seems the third is probably off the table now, due to the cuts. The second is likely to be more essential maintenance than a full removal of all cars.

I guess we’ll see when Epcot’s 40th comes round.

It was never going to be done for the WDW 50th. Hopefully it will be done by Epcot’s 40th in 2022, albeit without some of the planned changes to the exit building.

Yeah, at first I thought they’ll miss the 40th but then remembered hold on, it’s still only February!
(The snow outside my window should’ve been a reminder)

Ah, we’re going in June :sob:

Same. I’m actually pretty bummed about this. The kids found out and they would probably be upset if they knew that we were going. They don’t know, so ignorance is bliss.

I’m guessing that EPCOT will just be a morning adventure for us on this trip.

Epcot is turning into our dinner park rather than our touring park for our June trip … I’m honestly a little relieved, because there is so much to do at HS I was worried we wouldn’t have time for Epcot anyway.

So relieved that I’ll be able to ride this one last time in April. I’ve added this to my “list of justification” for our trip, since I don’t expect it to be re-opened for our next family trip in 2021 (or maybe 2022?)

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