Space220 gave someone an idea I guess

Not wanting to be outdone by Disney, scientists have got busy building an actual elevator to space

Not That Space Elevator


I bet it’s cheaper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Space elevators have been a concept for a long time - I wouldn’t give Disney too much credit :joy:

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Yes, as was discussed in the video.

I was being hilarious (as usual) :laughing:


Like in Foundation, but I think they called theirs a bridge. It seems all the things we see in Sci-Fi become science. Someone told me they’ve recently moved atoms a small space, come on “beam me up Scotty”. I’m looking forward to beaming into Disney. ;-).


I’m going to give this idea a nope.

Yup, Ben Franklin’s friends and Thomas Edison’s friends all said the same thing but here we are with lights and stuff.

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There are still huge (perhaps insurmountable) technical hurdles in making this possible, of a variety of sorts.

If it ever happens, it would likely not be used for passengers as to the dangers involved…at least not initially. More likely a cheap (?) way to get supplies into orbit.

But, like the flying car, I think this is one of those things that will likely remain firmly in the realm of science fiction for a great many years.

I bet people said that about space travel and then Bezos was born

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Yes…like more than 60 years later. (No, not born, where that became technologically possible.)

So, when that space elevator comes along, I might be pushing 110! :wink:



The problem is not having a material that can support its own weight for a cable that would be about 22000 miles long. That’s one of those things that is theoretically possible but stupefying beyond our current technical capability. As in, comparing it to the most sophisticated manufacturing done now would be like comparing an animal skin drum to equipment for multi-gigabit fiber optic transmission.

Not to mention it only works to geostationary orbit, which is why Space 220’s idea of it stopping at 220 miles up is a scientific load of peanut butter.


We just need to recruit billions of spiders to weave us a cable! :slight_smile:

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Crunchy or creamy?

(that matters)

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I know a guy:


Guy goes up to his friend Petey and says, “hey Petey! Howaya?”
Petey says “shaddup!”
Because this country needs a good pair of gabardine slacks!

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